Discover….. Feather River Park Resort


It isn’t easy to break loose from the streamlined pace of modern living. It seems to follow you on the freeways and even crowd its way into most vacation spots. Crowded living isn’t part of your stay at the Feather River Park Resort.

It’s one of the few places where you can escape to a simpler way of life.

The unusual family vacation area is nestled into 160 acres of the breath-taking Mohawk Valley, Plumas County, California. It’s situated in the heart of the High Sierras “Lake Country.” Meadows, canyons, streams, and dozens of crystal-clear lakes dot the countryside. The air is invigorating at 4,300 feet and at night the stars leap from the sky, dancing to the living sounds of nature. The serenity is real. If you’re wondering how to shake the city “blues” and get away for a vacation, there is a simple solution: The real old-fashioned resort.

If you’re in the mood to take it easy, there’s no better place than the front porch of your cabin. From here the mountains of the Sierras seem to cradle you and the pure air clears your head.

When you’re ready for action, the Feather River Park Resort is loaded. A nine hole golf course, tennis courts, heated swimming pools, bicycle rentals, volleyball, ping pong and more are all located right on premises. Just minutes away you’ll find the best trout fishing in North America, hiking, trails, horseback riding and two 18 hole championship caliber golf courses.

There are more than half a dozen restaurants in the immediate area and several nearby resorts featuring wonderful country fare.

At Feather River Park Resort, we go out of our way to make sure kids aren’t treated like second class citizens. Your children will enjoy a playground, children’s swimming pool, with pool monitor for their safety and your peace of mind, and even a network of trails where they can safely ride their bikes.

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